Real-time surveys

We forgot about paper but we didn’t forget about your opinion.



Make surveys and reports on the fly, in a few minutes you can share them with your pollsters.

surveys for exhibitions for which the results when,


The system counts with a simple and powerful decision tree. It also allows to analyze the data statistics in real-time which can save a lot of time, efforts and processes. 


surveys for exhibitions for which the results when,
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survey administration in exhibitions,applications to surveys in exhibitions,

  • Make surveys from your mobile device
  • Manage your pollsters



  • Manage your surveys

  • Make real-time reports

  • Send your reports by email

  • Stock your survey data.

  • Make decisions




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Ideal for:

 Tradeshows B2BExpos B2CCongresses and ConventionsOrganizersPCOsAssociations