Lead Retrieval


Forget about paperwork and digitalize your contacts without capture mistakes



Mini Scan Wireless

systems for data collection within the exhibition,


  • Collects information immediately

  • Organizes your prospects in a database

  • Reduce paperwork space or business cards

  • Register up to 10,000 prospects per scanner

  • Project a better image to your clients

  • Wireless and small size

  • Battery life of up to 6 days

  • Easy to use

  • Barcode reading

  • Receive your database by mail

Scan Wireless

Readers registration badges for attending exhibitions,


  • Collects information electronically

  • Add important comments instantly 

  • Virtual database

  • Register data in real-time

  • No stocking limits

  • Download and visualize without limits during the 15 days after the event

  • Download your database in Excel, PDF and CVS

  • Bidimensional and QR codes

  • Connectivity with wireless printer


App Expo Leader

scanner to read information from visitors at exhibitions,


  • Collect information from your mobile device

  • Instantly edit fields

  • Add important comments instantly

  • Download your database in Excel format

  • QR code

  • Android and iOS available

  • Internet is not needed




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Ideal for:

 Tradeshows B2BExpos B2CCongresses and ConventionsOrganizersPCOsAssociations