Interactive Floorplan




Dynamic Design, Flexible and Interactive

interactive map of companies participating in exhibitions,


Our tool counts with powerful filters that show with great detail the spaces, products and the designs of each stand in the showfloor.




  • Interact with a flexible tool, without downloading an image or a PDF

  • Locate exhibitors through an intelligent search

  • Pop-up window on the exhibitor’s space

  • Exhibitor’s location inside the event.

  • Online space reservation

  • Organizes exhibitors by category


  • Select exhibitors of interest and create your route

  • Zoom in on the stands

  • Print the floorplan

  • Change languages

  • Interactive menu

  • List of exhibitors




“The best way to advertise online to a expo specialised market”



  • Exhibitor’s basic information

  • Products, advertising video

  • Web page

  • Exhibitor’s location via Google Maps

  • Stand photos


  • Social networks

  • Advertising banner

  • Featured exhibitor

  • Home page presence

  • Exhibitor’s logo



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Ideal for:

 Tradeshows B2BExpos B2CCongresses and ConventionsOrganizersPCOsAssociations