We forget the paper, but not your opinion.

Prepare surveys and reports at the time! in just few minutes you can share them your pollsters.



Survey is the Infoexpo new tool that will change the way of knowing the attitudes and behaviors of consumers through an essential marketing techniques. For several years it has been used to know the consumer opinion about your products or services.

We used to apply and respond surveys in some sense not in a very comfortable way, they were unremarkably and at a certain extent, with too mucht paperwork generating low and difficult coordination with pollsters.

Survey projects a better image that leaves behind paper and pencil. Now you can carry out  surveys quickly and easily  from your mobile device and get to a broader public.

With Survey you can generate questions in just few minutes with a simple and powerful decision tree. Map out much better the surveys!



Develop and share your reports in real time with your work team instantly to get to know a better analysis of results and a better decision-making to send them through Email, in just a few minutes.

With Survey you can generate new ideas and find out the level of satisfaction of your brand.