Poliforum León innovates with real time survey




For the first time ever, the tourism industry in Mexico Meeting new system uses a real-time surveys supported by ipads, Survey.

One of the most important venues in Mexico located in Leon Guanajuato state that exhibits two of the most representative events of the footwear industry in Mexico. Today on August 2014 will make history by being the first enclosure in Mexico to incorporate a new system able to develop real-time surveys supported by ipad. A system developed by Infoexpo, the company has great experience in the market to come to know and meet the needs that exist for your industry


Some of the advantages Survey, is the powerful decision tree that allows you to better outline the polls, and share reports at the time and develop highly professional surveys, to leave behind traditional paper surveys that accumulated enough paperwork and taking too long to scan, as well as Survey says the phrase "but not forget the paper review"


Survey will be used by the Poliforum Leon to measure the level of satisfaction with the service, which is offered in different sections of the enclosure, to improve quality to exhibition organizers and attendees.