Online Security 1/3



2013 was the year with a major indexes of ciber attacks to Government and Financial Institutions all over the world. Normally, these attacks come from the auto-proclaimed groups known as “defenders” of the people's rights generally focused on: The stealing of information, identity theft and the supposed intimidation of Capitalism.


In that year, The Group refered as THT, (Tunisian Hàckers Team), (Tunisian Hackers Team), launched a series of attacks at a great scale against the 80% of all the world's servers; the ciber operations were made against Financial Institutions in the United States. This was the beginning of the groups #OpUSA and #OpIsrael, that pretend to hijack and utilize the major number of civil servers for attacking and denying the service, getting being infiltrated at the Government technology and generating economic losses with this.


In May 2014, the two groups declared an alliance and communicated at their official channels that it was the moment to carry out terror to Western Webs. They declared that the #OpUSA prepared a whole week of terror for July, calling it: #TheWeekOfHorror. Since then, all rethoric has been increased.


At their official channel of Youtube, the THT shows propaganda (ephemeral), but not providing concrete dates of supposed attacks:



Likewise, three weeks ago, the FBI declared that these groups and their threats are considered too serious and with a very real existence. As in the case of Syria, for a possible missiles attack, the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army), made it clear that it would react immediately:



Statistics are ALARMING, at least half of the world's web servers are not receiving attention and they do not really have an administrator or simply the infection has not being detected for months. This makes us suppose that the risk of attacks of this nature will be increasing.

The security of web servers and every single data must be seriously taken. Certainly, we will be informing our customers and friends everything going on with  this virtual world; sometimes it looks quite harmless and distant, but, indeed, we really have to understand that it is not like that.

Article written by Antonio Gómez, Web Services Division Manager at Infoexpo.