New technology for access control in Mexico





In the framework of the "Entrepreneur Week" we are presenting in Mexico some Electronic Rugs that allow Organizers and Venues to know with accuracy the number of visitors in your event. 


The system makes it possible to account the visitor access to an event or any particular room; does not require staff, nor of data readers for the count. The very fact of walking on the carpet generates a count in real time which is being monitored by the committee for decision-making, this way we'll know the hot and cold zones on our floor of show room floor.


We bring to Mexico this new technology with the idea that the Venues incorporate this type of solutions as part of the service that they offer to the organizers, it has been developed a business plan extremely attractive.


We invite you to learn the operation of these Electronic Rugs, please contact us and request your invitation.The presentation will be in the "Entrepreneur Week" from 11 to 15 August 2014 at The Banamex  Exhibition and Convention Center.

Roberto Santos

Gerente de División de Recintos

Cel. 442226·3312