GNP Analysis


We are starting a series of emails that are intended to give an idea of how is Mexico regarding Latin America and the opportunities that this presents for each company.


In this first sending you will see an analysis of The Gross National Products (GNP) of each one of the countries and the percentage that they have with respect to the Economy of the United States and Mexico.


The question is to know if it is time now that Mexico may begin to expand not only in international pavilions in our expos, but with the Mexican model, taking it and its complete events abroad.

Three curious facts: 


  1. If we add the GDP of all countries of the Americas, it is equivalent to 45% of the economy of the United States of America.

  2. The economy of Brazil is equivalent to the entire economy of Latin America excluding Mexico, Canada and United States of America.

  3. A 1% growth in Mexico is a 2.4% of Argentina, a 3%Venezuela and Colombia or a 4% of Chile. 




GDP by Country (Visualize)  GDP by Country (Download)