Exhibitor's Manual


Over the last few three years, we have been developing a platform:Exhibitor's Manual that meets the needs of operation and communication between the Organizing Committee, Exhibitors and different Service Providers, streamlining administrative processes and improving service operation on site.

The following elements take part of this Manual:

  1. A section of formats of the Services offered by the Organizing Committee (Manual in     PDF, Badges, etc).

  2. A section of formats of services offered by the Venue where the event will take place     (Electricity, Catering, Compressed Air, etc.).

  3. Trade Show Marketing (This is a section where Exhibitors can add information about    his company such as videos, photos, news, products), they are posted instantly on        the Web Page of the Exhibition, the Exhibitor Directory and on the mobile application.

  4. Contacts Manager (Through this Section the Exhibitor can display contacts who             could get to before, during and after the Exhibition. This module is linked with readers     for badges). 

  5. Statistical Module for Exhibitors and Organizing Committee.

  6. Administrator to the Organizing Committee. 


All formats in general are mounted at Platform allowing exhibitors to download, filling out online and editing as many times as necessary before the deadline to the requirement of a service such as: Internet, electricity, telephone, etc.; reducing time of reception and shipping.

When you have the power of achieving the total estimate on contracted services and having more direct contact without intermediaries the

Exhibitor’s Manual becomes an excellent platform for those Expos where attention is a priority to the Exhibitor.


Next time, we will be discussing the benefits and advantages of each of the modules of this tool.