Background of the Face to Face Industry




All it began in the origins of the trade, when people had the need to sell their harvests, which were no longer necessary to subsidize the community, therefore, the people began to specialize in other activities, in such a way that the surpluses of agriculture began to be exchanged by other objects (Barter).

During the middle ages began to emerge trade routes that attempted to meet the high demand for European goods and merchandises, especially, the luxury. Among the most famous routes, highlights of the Silk Road, but also had other important as routes of import of pepper, salt or dyes. People began moving from one place to another to exchange goods, with this, opening way to new financial techniques such as the bill of exchange, where it is generated a huge growth for international trade in fairs, they could return to their countries of origin without their money run the risk of being stolen by roadblocks.

Over time thanks to the importance that acquired the motor transport, the tourism development took greater impetus, and in 1797, France conducted its first exhibition in Paris for four days, they did not only promote the sale of products but also attracted large masses, which for the first time, a national exhibition "would provide not only batches of products, but also would show the French public that his industry was intact and able to compete internationally".  In 1798, France mounted a second exposition, this time in a temporary construction was built in the Field of Mars, Paris, specifically for the event.