Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Ixpo México S.A. DE CV. with address in Aldebarán No. 41 oficina 203, Col. Prados de Coyoacán, C.P. 04810, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, for web site This policy describes the broadest potential use of the data on all the website It is possible that certain parts of the sites have less use of the data that we have described in this policy. Please note that Infoexpo maintains the same privacy practices described in this policy for the data that we collect offline (off-line).  In consequence, when as follows we mention the "users" of the Web Site we also refer to the individuals whom we gathered data off-line.

This policy lets you know how we collect the data, the reason why we collect, the motivation of the gathering and the options you have with respect to its use.


Infoexpo collects data related to our users through the following methods:

  • Automated means, such as communication protocols and cookies.
  • Screens for Registration and forms online.
  • Communications of customers.
  • Communications and interactions offline.
  • Third parties sources of information, such as lists of option of inclusion [opt-in].

Depending on the method of collection and use, the data collected may include information about the user, taken of forms, registrations and transactions (such as name, position, address, company, phone number and email address), financial information and transactions (such as credit card information and payments), information on the use of Infoexpo Web sites  (such as electronic communications protocols, Web pages visited and cookies) and user preferences (including product requirements, areas of industrial interest, news bulletins, community-based alternatives and other managed information from the customer profile that is created when the user is enrolled with 


Infoexpo can receive data from you as part of the communication connection itself, i.e. the standard electronic greeting between your computer and our servers. Often, this information consists of data of itinerary within the network (from where you came), equipment information (browser type), date and time. At this time, our server will also be set on your computer to see if there are "cookies" previously set by to facilitate the start of the session or the other procedures for navigation in the site. A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a Web server to be stored in a web navigator from which can then be read from that browser.

Cookies: Some parts of the Infoexpo site use cookies to collect information on the use of the Web site to facilitate the return visits of the user. The information collected from cookies is crawled to increase the security and/or improve the functionality of the Web site while avoiding duplication of data entry, facilitating the navigation and increasing the relevance of the content. The cookies on the site may collect the following information: a unique identifier, user preferences and profile of information used to customize the content that is displayed, and membership information to access to the Infoexpo online communities. The cookies on the site and the associated data can be used for the purposes displayed in Section 3 below.

Some cookies used by can remain in the user's computer once you leave the Web site, but the major part is scheduled to expire in the 30 -365 days. (As is further described below, you can set your browser to alert you when cookies are being laid, in that case, a screen indicator will give you information about the cookie, its duration and the server to which it is returned).

You can have cookies in certain tools that are of longer duration. Cookies can also benefit through the creation of a simplest login process login, adequate maintenance in adding to shopping cart and the preservation of the order information between sessions. In the future, as we offer a greater customization of the site, cookies will help to ensure that the information provided to you may be the most suitable for your needs.

While in the Web site we do not offer the option of auto exclusion from receiving cookies, browsers give you information and control over the cookies. You can set your Web browser to notify you when it is being used a cookie. You can also obtain information about the duration of the cookie and the server where data are returned. In that moment you have the opportunity to accept or reject the cookie. In addition, you can set your browser to refuse all cookies or accept only cookies that are returned to the servers that originate them. Generally, users can turn off the function of receiving cookies in your browser without affecting your ability to use the site, except in some cases in which cookies are used as an essential feature of security required to complete the operation.

Embedded URLs: In order to provide maximum utility to the site, Infoexpo also uses a tracking technique that uses embedded URLs to facilitate the use of the site without cookies. The embedded URLs are manifested as plain text or the URL encoded extensions that appear in the address window or browser toolbar. This technology allows limited information can follow along as you navigate through the site, but do not identify personal data and is not used beyond the meeting. While this increases your ability to navigate the site, not replaces the functionality or the simplification of process that provides cookies and may limit the use of many desirable features offered by the site.

Embedded pixels: In order to provide users with the more relevant Web site content and marketing materials, we may also use pixel technology embedded to assist in the keeping track the use of the site and the response to the marketing campaigns. In the Web site, these technologies are used in certain pages to identify unique user visits instead of the sum of visits. Information on use of the site collected by these technologies is associated with cookies and can provide data on use of the site by the registered users of the Web sites This information is used to evaluate the content of the site, the navigability and composition, as well as the response rates to the pages. When these technologies are used in emails, they indicate when was open the email.


Infoexpo collects information about users for the following purposes:

For transactions or communications. They may collect and store the name, address, email, purchase details and information on credit cards / payments as part of the transaction background. Most of the data collected in this category is business or commercial contact information. Infoexpo may need to share some of this information (address, payment) with delivery services, centers of credit cards settlement and other similar third parties that are necessary to complete the transaction.

PTo provide future service and support. Information collected for this purpose is both contact information and information related to products and services / support requested. This information is also used to provide service, product update notifications and the similar ones. 

When a product is discharged. Users who download products under trial licenses and purchasers of products may be contacted to confirm certain information about your purchase orders, for example, you can ask them if they had problems with the download process. 

To select content. Data can be collected to help create Web Site content and the navigation process more relevant and simple for users. This includes data collected while browsing the website, as well as data provided in forms.

To respond to questions and requests for information from users. This data includes registrations for getting newsletters and specific requests for further information. 

To provide alerts and updates of products related to diverse Infoexpo communities, such as partners. These updates refer to launchings of products, prices, period of time, prices, terms, special offers and associated campaigns. These data are sent as a result of signing the enrollment for the relevant program or online account.


 We may use information from purchases and requirements to provide proper and relevant notifications about launch notifications of new products and services related to their needs and requirements. 

To better respond to requests for services or quotes for product and equipment purchases. 

nfoexpo will transmit contact information to dealer, distributor, reseller or consultant of Infoexpo to keep on tracking of products or services of Infoexpo. 

Infoexpo may also ask if you want to share your contact information with other selected partners that offer complementary products or services related to your information request, products or services.  If you agree, the data provided to these partners to respond to your information request or services. Please discuss the privacy policy of that specific partner regarding future interactions with that partner.

To provide information on educational events or partner’s relevant products. From time to time, we co-sponsor events with partners or we make presentations at events of partner that provide services of potential benefit to Infoexpo users. 

We or our partners of events can provide information on such relevant events and services and/or products. To ensure the respect of your information we have control over all data we collect or we limit the use of collected information from these partners.

To foster sales or promotion of joint products. Infoexpo and its partners can hold events or provide in joint venture their products. Such promotions will always reference the involved partners. Infoexpo and its partners will have access to such information. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of these partners to address their specific needs and concerns. 

Information taken from the function of "derivation" / "tell a friend". If a user decides to use our referral service to inform a friend about our site, we ask the name and email address of the friend. Infoexpo automatically will send a single email to a friend inviting them to visit the site. Infoexpo uses this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and for tracking the success of our referral program. The friend also may contact Infoexpo at to be removed from the referral program if desired.

As a result of your registration for/attendance at a conference or event Infoexpo. Those existing customers or registered users who sign up for a conference or event, may be contacted prior to the event to see if we can offer them a meeting, demonstration or other special service / customer support. This contact is additional to other necessary contacts to confirm payment or provide logistical information and updates related to the conference. In addition, those who attend such events can also be contacted after the event to see if they need further information or to make appropriate follow.

This information will only be used by Infoexpo, designated partners or by conference sponsors and will not be disclosed to third parties. To ensure the respect of your information, we maintain control over information and we require that the use of this information by these partners is limited to what it corresponds with your profile. Please consult the statement of supplementary privacy in the specific conference site for more detailed information.

As a result of your participation in interactive discussions and public forums. There are parts of the Web site that allow you to participate in interactive discussions. Some of them have a moderator; all are subject to access for technical reasons. Infoexpo does not control the content that users enter and some may serve as forums of public discussion. As it happens with any open interactive forum of many users, you should carefully consider if you would like to show information by adapting any other content you submit.

As a result of their use of  "outsourcing", technical and consulting support (Hosted Services). Some Infoexpo customers may offer incidental access to data about their employees, vendors, partners or customers regarding the Hosted Services, including Infoexpo On Demand [Infoexpo Under Request]. As a result of this relationship of hosted services, Infoexpo can access to some of this information or even process it, but does not control information collection nor the use procedures associated with this information. Infoexpo simply provides the relevant hosting services or the administration of the computer applications and the necessary support services for the acquired agreement.

Infoexpo makes no independent use of information beyond what is necessary to provide the service hosting service, and the administration of the service and support or to complete specific actions requested by the client. Please check our  [hosted services policy] for a complete statement of our privacy practices. 

To address issues related to the operation and solve problems. Sometimes Infoexpo develops patches or other arrangements for programs, such as security patches for newly discovered vulnerabilities to solve. We can communicate the existence of these patches or fixes to registered owners and people that have been identified to us as users or software development managers. As a result of legal requirements. Infoexpo may be obliged to provide information to meet the legally required reports and statements and other regulatory procedural requirements.

Como resultado de requisitos legales . Es posible que Infoexpo se vea obligado a suministrar información para cumplir con los informes y declaraciones legalmente obligatorios y otros requisitos procesales reglamentarios.


Establishing a profile online registration offers visitors the opportunity to choose to be included (or excluded) from communities and gives them control over their preferences for electronic information delivery. 

Communication options. Infoexpo recognizes that users may not wish to be contacted about new or related products. allows you to opt out for being excluded of the email marketing that may result from use of the site. These options are set and modified through your online registration profile. A link to this page in marketing emails will be placed. You may return to the registration profile at any time to change your selection or modify your profile. If you have a problem using any of these mechanisms to opt out, please send an email to indicating opt [Opt-Out] in the section where the "Subject" is specified email and specifying the problem to be submitted in the body of the message.

Lists of third based authorizations. Sometimes Infoexpo can use a list of third parties based on authorizations to send communications about Products and Services of Infoexpo. These are lists hold by third parties whose users have agreed to receive emails from other companies, such as Infoexpo. We do not have access to the names or contact information on those lists. The third party that has direct relationship with these users performs maintenance on the list and the exclusion functions and removes information and ends subscription. 

We require the list owners that are identified as senders of e-mail and provide appropriate mechanisms for opting out. If you wish to be removed from a list of others, should direct your request to opt out of the list owner, not Infoexpo. However, if you have difficulty opt out, or if you want to tell us about any matter relating to an item of third party advertising, please contact us by going to When third-party advertising shipments are sent with an Infoexpo sender, Infoexpo also will provide a notification on how to opt out of future marketing communications.

Please contact us by going to if you believe you have mistakenly received information after opting to be excluded or if you wish to opt out of receiving information and it has not been possible to use the opt-out mechanisms provided.


Infoexpo uses some third parties to administer a limited amount of advertisements at their websites. As part of this process, no data is provided to the advertisers, but you can get an overview of the profile used as the community of the user, for the selection of advertising in order to ensure that it is relevant to the user. In some type of "banner" ads may be a recessed pixel and, although it is not associated with a cookie or other personal profile information, it may return information on session connection that allows advertisers to better determine how many individual users have selected the banner.


Infoexpo is concerned about the security of the information we have collected and has placed reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information. These measures include policies, procedures, and technical elements relating to access controls to the data. Also, Infoexpo uses standard security protocols and mechanisms to exchange the transmission of sensitive data such as credit card details. In case that an unauthorized person might obtain, or when reasonably it is believed it has been obtained, personal details, and when applicable law requires notification, Infoexpo will notify the affected individual by email or fax. If Infoexpo is unable to contact the individual by email or fax, he/she will be notified by mail. The notice will be processed immediately, consistent with the legitimate needs of Infoexpo or from the application of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties) to determine the extent of the violation and to assure or restore the integrity of the system data. Infoexpo or competent authorities may delay notification if they determine that this may impede a criminal investigation and unless it determines that the notification will not compromise the investigation.


Infoexpo has appointed a senior executive responsible on Privacy (Privacy Executive). If you think your data has been used inconsistently with this policy or with the preferences expressed by you or if you have additional questions regarding this policy, please contact the Executive Email Privacy . 

Inquiries may be directed writing to the Executive Policy to: 

Ixpo México S.A. DE CV.
Aldebarán No. 41 oficina 203,
Col. Prados de Coyoacán, C.P. 04810,
Coyoacán, Ciudad de México

As indicated in Section 4 - (Personalization, preferences and self-exclusion option) and Section 5 (Account Access) above, Infoexpo gives you the possibility to choose how we use and share the data you provide us, according to the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (Artículos 22, 23, 24 y 25) (Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties) (Articles 22, 23, 24 and 25).


When we plan to use their data differently expressed at the time of collection, we will notify you by email. You can decide whether or not we use your information differently. Additionally, if we make any significant changes to our privacy practices that do not affect user information already stored in our database, we will notify you immediately by email or place a prominent notice on this Web site notifying users of the change. In some cases when we place notices also we will email users who have opted to receive communications from us, notifying them of the changes in our privacy practices. We may update this policy from time to time to describe how new site features affect our use of your data and to notify you of new control features and preference we provide. We appreciate receiving your comments on the privacy practices of Infoexpo at